About Us

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Look around, talk to your friends, find out how many people there are out there that say they are so happy with their marine dealer that they wouldn't consider doing business anywhere else.

Our goal here at Fox Valley Marine is to be that dealer. Actually, we've been doing it ever since we started here in 1982. It's more a matter of honesty and sincerity than canned slogans or slick campaigns. Every marine dealer in the world shouts about quality, service and price. We'd rather have our deeds speak louder that our words.

We believe you are entitled to be so satisfied with you boat purchase from FVM BOAT SALES & SERVICE that you will be proud to be a FVM client. You see, among avid boaters, our name is pretty special. We keep our clients happy because we take care of their issues and take our responsibility to you very seriously.

Our Mission:

We are a family-owned business committed to provide you with marine sales and service of quality products in our market.

In today's challenging life, we wish to commit to our customers, new and old, enjoyment and memories by providing them with superior products and to achieve the satisfaction you would expect.

We thank you for your support!